Defender Steel King Richard The Lion Heart Sword 45"


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Richard the Lionheart, son of Henry II, was one of the great warrior kings of England from 1189 to 1199. Richard the Lionheart's real name was Richard Plantagenet. Richard also earned another nickname His name has reached epic and mythological proportions. Our Richard the Lionheart sword can be used for display or for battle re-enactments, each reproduction is created to the specifications of the original. You get a medieval weapon that is actually balanced and fun to hold instead of just pretty to look at. Medieval times were sometimes brutal, sometimes romantic, but always a source of intrigue. We invite you to share in the experience of an era past with our Richard The Lionheart Sword. Richard the Lionheart Swords is expertly hand-crafted and authentic replica! You can display them in your office, home or for Medieval Reenactments. The King Richard the Lionheart Sword has a stainless steel blade with the upper half ornamented with engravings in gold Color. The cast metal hilt is highly detailed and decorated. In the center of the gold color decorated pommel there is sculpted face of a lion, while the handgrip is beautifully wrapped with colored strips. Without a doubt, King Richard the Lionheart Sword is a beautiful item celebrating a great and well-loved king.


  • Honor the code of the King Richard The Lionheart with this King Richard The Lionheart Sword!
  • Crafted Using Premium Grade Steel
  • Overall Length 45” Long
  • Beautifully Wrapped with Colored Strips Handle
  • Lion Carved Pommel
  • Highly Decorated Gold Color Tusba
  • You can display them in your office, home or for Medieval Reenactments.
  • Features Superior Durability
  • Offers Spectacular Realism and Detailing
  • Made for Optimal Performance
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • Created by our elite team of sculpting designers, these weapons are all about showcasing the most innovative designs in the industry.