Defender Medieval Foam Sword 41" Black Handle with Metallic Chrome Finish on Blade


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The ideal Medieval sword for anyone who is considered a protector, this is designed with efficiency, realism, and above all else quality in mind. A lightweight yet long-lasting weapon, the blade of this sword features metallic chrome finish and a silver color for a realistic look. It has straight crossguard and black handle with circular pommel for a classic design. This Sword is tested and balanced and made to high specifications. It provides immense strength and durability, as well as amazing detail. Performance and appearance come together in this sword to provide an experience that cannot be beaten!


  • Honor the code of the Medieval with this realistic Medieval Foam Sword!
  • Cast in high density flexible foam
  • Overall Length 40” Long
  • Medieval sword features 30.5” Foam Blade
  • Extremely Highly Detailed 6” Handle Grip
  • Black Handle
  • Straight Handguard
  • Circular Pommel
  • Metallic Chrome Finish on Blade
  • Foam Tusba
  • High Quality Color Coating
  • This sword is safe for cosplay use
  • Made for Optimal Performance
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • This foam sword is designed for safe combat
  • Created by our elite team of sculpting designers, these weapons are all about showcasing the most innovative designs in the industry.