Defender 13.5" X 26" Steel Blue Color Folding Fan


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Fans are extremely popular weapons in the Chinese Martial Arts area because of their ability to surprise unsuspecting enemies. This Kung Fu Fan is constructed of black cloth and features the Kanji symbols for Kung Fu along with yin yang symbols and a dragon. This fan is made from stainless steel with the nylon cloth and measures 13 ½” long when folded. Great for decorating your home or dojo or it can even be used in Kung Fu weapons demos. Additionally, the kind of sport can be choreographed to music as dance form and is suitable for individual or group performance. PRODUCT DETAILS / FEATURES:

  • Made of high-quality Steel material
  • Smooth & Shiny with excellent texture
  • Blue Color
  • Folded Length 13 ½”
  • Opened Length 26”
  • Adopting Nylon in fan surface, it is not easy to wet and fade
  • Durable and reliable, it is not easy to be torn apart and eaten by moths
  • Flexible, Lightweight & Portable