Bdeals Volkmann Retractor 2 Prong Sharp 8.5" Surgical Instrument Stainless Steel


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Your search for the ideal ingrown tweezers is over! How many times have you been to your local pharmacy to pick up a cheap tweezers, just to toss it out after a few times using it? IRRITATED? Say goodbye to cheap brands that just don't work and say hello to Our Tweezer - the ultimate tweezers that is Stress Free and will last forever! Throw out your old misaligned useless tweezers and purchase our premium perfect ultra strong tweezers, where Hair removal has never been so easy. The slant tip tweezers grabs the tiniest hair. They are perfect for between eyebrow waxes to get those stubborn stragglers! They are very sharp and precise. You don't have to worry about hair breaking while tweezing. The splinter tip tweezers are excellent for handling ingrown hair, removing splinters and other delicate grasping tasks. Every household should have a pair in their first aid kit. Perfectly aligned, sharp tweezers are at your fingertips. Don't get caught with bad tweezers again, unable to get "that one hair”. Our "Professional Grade" Well made; precise tweezers tips are super strong with calibrated ends. And, needle point precision for wood splinters, ticks and ingrown hairs. These tweezers are just right for grabbing or teasing out an in-grown hair from tender skin. They are so pointed and sharp at the ends that they will get out any ingrown hair you have with ease. In short, this is the Ultimate Grooming Tool ever!!


• Crafted Using Stainless Steel
•   Fine Tip in Curved Style 
• Lightweight and Portable
• Smooth and Easy Action With Stylish Design
• Rust Resistant and Corrosion Resistant
• Sturdy and Smooth Construction
• Elegant, Enduring and Ergonomic Design
• Aligned Tips Meet Precisely, Provide A Firm Grasp For More Effective Pulls.
• Perfect for Splinters
• Perfect for Ingrown Hair and Eyebrow Hair
• Ultra Strong Grip they will pick up the smallest individual hair Smoothly
• Our pointy ends meet up just perfect so you can easily remove the ingrown hair STRESS FREE.
• Ultra-Sharp Tips that close evenly for Smooth Maneuvering around almost invisible Splinters!
• Able to handle the toughest jobs of very tiny hair or thick, coarse hair
• Great for use in between brow waxes or for stray hair plucking!