175 LBS Cobra Compound Hunting Crossbow W/ Fiber Glass Limb Woodland Camo


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The Man Kung MK-380 compound crossbow has a nice design and very good performance. The Man Kung MK-380 compound bow has a whopping 175 lbs pound draw weight and is able to shoot crossbow bolts at speeds of up to 360 fps (395 kilometers per hour). The crossbow is equipped with a newly developed cam - pulley system that ensures optimal power transmission and delivers excellent performance even at longer distances. The ergonomically shaped stock and the built-in string damper ensure a comfortable shooting experience. The Man Kung MK-380 compound crossbow is equipped with 19mm mounting rail, so that a scope, red dot or laser can be mounted. The crossbow is also equipped with a dry- fire safety system so that it cannot be shot if there is no crossbow bolt in position. The Man Kung MK-380 compound crossbow comes complete with quiver, four 20-inch crossbow arrows, a crossbow sling, crossbow string wax and a cocking device for ease of cocking.


  • Draw Weight : 175 lbs - poundsåÊ
  • Arrow speed : 360 fps - 395 kilometers per houråÊ
  • Power Stroke : 15 inchesåÊ
  • Limb Material : PolyesteråÊ
  • Stock material : synthetic - plasticåÊ
  • Barrel material : Aluminum
  • åÊLength : 35 inch - 89 cmåÊ
  • Width : 23 inches - 58.4 cmåÊ
  • Weight: 3.9 kg


  • Quiver with 4 x BoltsåÊ
  • 4x32 Red/Green Illuminated CrosshairåÊScopeåÊ
  • Sling Rope Cocking DeviceåÊ
  • 1 x WaxåÊ
  • 1 x Rail LubeåÊ
  • 1 x Set Bolt Retaining Spring SilencersåÊ