Barnett Hyperflite Evo 420 Compact Crossbow Shoots 420 Feet Per Second


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Barnett has changed the look of the standard crossbow with its HyperFlite EVO 420, with cams mounted directly to the bow’s riser instead of the limbs. The sleek design was engineered to improve accuracy while reducing vibration, noise, cam lean, and torque. The HyperFlite Track decreases arrow contact along the rail, enhancing accuracy and consistency. As the name indicates, the EVO 420 has a speed rating of 420 fps with Barnett’s 22-inch, .204 small-diameter HyperFlite arrows. The combination of speed and small-diameter arrows increases penetration. Weighing 11 pounds, this crossbow is solid with its reduced vibration. A TriggerTech trigger features a reliable and crisp 3-lb. pull, Anti-Dry Fire, and nock sensor for added safety. The HyperFlite EVO 420 is packaged and ready to head to the range.


  • HyperFlite .204 small-diameter arrow technology
  • Fully integrated Crank Cocking Device (CCD)
  • Multi-position adjustable butt stock and cheek comb
  • TriggerTech trigger with 3-pound pull, Anti-Dry Fire (ADF) and nock sensor
  • Aluminum flight track and arrow system
  • Three Picatinny Rails
  • Pass-through foregrip with flip-down pistol grip and finger safety reminders
  • String suppressors and vibration dampeners throughout the crossbow


  • Weight: 11.5 lbs.
  • Draw Weight 285 (lbs)
  • Kinetic Energy 149 (ft lbs)
  • Speed 420 (fps)*